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31 Oct
Psychotic Youth

Release gig of the new album at Folk Å Rock, Malmö

TBA Nov-Dec
Psychotic Youth

Due to Corona all gigs are on hold for the rest of the year


latest news


   Live streamed concert!

  • Aug 28 2020

This evening at 20:00 (Stockholm time) we will do a streamed concert at QTech.


   9 out of 10!

  • Aug 08 2020

The upcoming remix of "Stereoids Revisited" (vinyl album) got high points in Germanys OX Magazine! Read review beneath our review link (both German and English). The album will be out August 29th.


   LIVE stream 28 Aug!

  • June 28 2020

As Covid-19 has shut down all concerts and events we have turned to streamed live concerts. On August 28 we will perform through QTech. here you can watch and listen at 20:00 CET August 28.



  • June 14 2020

The upcoming album "Forever And Never" is finnished! Now it's in the hands and ears of Christian Jacobsen and his mixing skills. Coming out in October. We also have a new date for the "Stereoids Revisited" album which will be released on Record Store Day on August 28. AND (!) we also have an exclusive cassette (!!!) coming up with tracks that only will be available in that form. AND (!!!!) we have the reprint (with new bonus and poster) of "Bamboozle" coming up as soon as Italy has gone back to ordinary life. Fuck Coorona!


   Now re-mastered on Bandcamp!

  • March 12 2020

Now you can buy the whole latest two albums for as little as 6 Euro or 50 cent/song on Bandcamp. AND you will find a remastered version of the "The Voice of Summer" album! Get it here


   Great show and recording a new album!

  • March 7 2020

Thanks to everyone who showed up at yesterdays show at Valand. And thanks to the line up of Satisfactory (who made a great 1st gig ever!) and ever so great Dogsmile. Next Sunday we will start recording the next album (out Oct 2nd). We have 31 songs to try out and I'm confident it will be one of our best!



  • Jan 12 2020

Autumn 2019 was a disaster for the band. Sickness and cancelled gigs gave us an unexpected leave. I used the time to write new tracks for our 35th anniversary album to be released late 2020. But before that there will be some reissues and remixed albums coming out on vinyl! First out is "Bamboozle" re-released by Italian label Radiation Records. And second re-release is actually a totally remixed version of "Stereoids" - now called "Stereoids Revisited", remixed by Norwegian wonder boy Christian Jacobsen (Yum Yums, Dahlmanns etc). Both coming this spring.



  • Sep 12 2019

Alright. Haven't checked in for a while as we've been doing shows and I'm writing the next 35th anniversary album. We a great time with Surfin' Lungs and ANC4 at our annual Power Pop Extravaganza event, as well as finnishing the city event in our hometown Kramfors and at Scala Tetaern in Stockholm. Latest show was with my Rockabilly outfit at a weekend festival and MAN what outstanding cars I saw there! Up next is two shows in Sweden - Oct 26 in Gothenburg (with APA - a new Scooter Punk band) and Nov 30 in Helsingborg (with our pals Love Dolls). See you there!



  • May 30 2019

After a number of shows, both solo and with Psychotic Youth, time has come to announce our latest record "Straight from the garage"! Back in 2012 we tried to revive our roots by playing 60s garage punk again. I wrote a whole album which never was released. Some tracks ended up on our 2017 and 2019 albums (Good life, Kingdom to be found etc) but the rest was tucked away - until Bruno at Dangerhouse asked if we had any recordings left over. So here you have it!



  • Mar 24 2019

Did a solo gig last night with rockabilly-backgrounds. Place was packed and I enjoyed every minute of it!



  • Mar 09 2019

The new album is getting overwhelming reviews and how do I comment words like these from Lord Rutledge of LouderAndFaster "Jörgen Westman belongs to the masters class of power pop songwriting, and it is a treat to hear him still at the top of his game." I bow my head in gratitude.



  • Feb 07 2019

Saturday nights releaseparty in our hometown drew a full crewd. And it was great to see all old familiar faces again! Gunnar sat in on his Vox organ and made the night complete!



  • Jan 2019

Friday nights premiere on stage at Folk Å Rock/Malmoe with the new songs went excellent. The crowd gave us highest points after the show and we couldn't be happier!.



  • Jan 2019

The new album is here! The LP will be available starting January 27th and can be ordered through online stores along with the Japanese CD (incl 1 bonus track). Release party will be twice - Malmoe and Gothenburg (see Upcoming events to the left).


   The new album is ready!

  • October 2018

The upcoming album is ready! The LP will contain 14 songs and the CD (Japan) will contain 15 songs. The wonderful albim cover is done by Niklas Wrångberg - famous for his covers with Sonic Surf City etc. Cowabunga!


   The new album in progress!

  • August 2018

9 tracks recorded and 9 to go. The upcoming album will be the best yet! Also we are pleased to be on the Yum Yums tripple-cd (!!!) tribute out in October.


   Kicking up the dust!

  • April 2018

Sold out yesterdays venue as we celibrated our 10th anniversary breaking up the band (!) THE BUCKSHOTS.


   Looks like I've started a tradition!

  • March 2018

For the second time (or year) I've been given the opportunity to do the POWER POP EXTRAVAGANZA at Swedens biggest amusement park Liseberg. Last year I invited my idol Paul Collins and the awsome american/spanish band Kurt baker Combo. This year I will do another sweep of the best bands around with Norways THE YUM YUMS and the Swedish legends SONIC SURF CITY! And my own band PSYCHOTIC YOUTH as usual :) The date is May 26th!


   10th Anniversary for Buckshots demise

  • February 2018

Today is my 52nd birthday and I'm stuck with a cold that won't go away. But I've started to write new songs for the next Psychotic Youth album so all is not bad. Also - we (The Buckshots) will do a couple of shows celebrating our demise 10 years ago! These things always ends up badly and I guess this will too :) Stay tuned.


   Happy Holidays!

  • December 2017

2017 has been a great year for myself and Psychotic Youth, with festivals in Spain, Germany and Sweden. Now we're getting ready for 2018 and start off in Norway with a gig along our old pals The Yum Yums. We have a new line-up, or "new" is the wrong word - Kent and Anders is back from the very original line-up (1985) on drums and bass! Then we have another Spain trip along with a short tour of Sweden with Duncan Reid and the Big Heads a.m.o. My 50's band Red West & Hot Rhythm will also re-activate itself this spring. So HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE and let's hope to meet in 2018!



  • October 2017

When you get to share a bill with our bands personal heroes and the main reason why you do this sordeed deed - to me it's a milestone. Next gig we share the bill with Redd Kross and Lime Spiders. Can't express enough how much they've ment to me and the guys in the band.


   Winter's coming...

  • October 2017

Felt extremely nice to play at the TSOMD Pop Up Festival in Hultsfred/Sweden after our summerleave. Now we look forward to the Purple Weekend Festival in Léon/Spain in December, followed by a trip to Norway and then back to Spain after New Years. In Norway we will re-unite with our original drummer Kent who will join the band once more (left us in 1995) as our present drummer Tommy is moving away from town, but will be stand by if needed. So that makes 2 bass players, 2 drummers, 2 guitarist and 1 organ player alternating the band line up. It's like a big collective of people! In December I'm planning to start composing new songs that hopefully will be good enough for a new album in 2018. Cheers!



  • Sep 2017

Here's an article about my background by a local paper in my childhood area Från Nyadal till Göteborg. Sorry - it's in Swedish.



  • June 2017

What a line up in Gothenburg! PAUL COLLINS, KURT BAKER COMBO, PSYCHOTIC YOUTH and MORTEN from the Yum Yums. We had a great time on and off the stage and you can also se what I'm talking about on YouTube where you can find several videos with perfect sound!



  • April 2017

Helgoland is like nothing else... maybe Iceland in the summer. But that means unique and the Butterfahrt Festival is also unique as more than 500 people contributes a shit load of cash as supoorters to keep this festival going. More than 1000 poeple in the audience gave us a memory of a lifetime this weekend. Thank you!



  • March 2017

Thanks to everyone who made the Germany-tour a success. Sandra from Billig Booking Agency and all our old friends that showed up like Per, Abel and Axel! Also nice to see so many Scandinavians at our shows abroad We'll be back soon.



  • February 2017

Yesterday night we did the long awaited release show for the new album and signed CD and LP. We also recorded both sound and video of the event which you can find to the right on this page. Next show is in Berlin/Germany on March 2nd, followed by Hamburg and Wermerlskichen. See you all there!


   New album out now!!

  • January 2017

The new album is out! Reviews are coming in and the sky's the limit. Our spring is filled with concert dates in Scandinavia, Germany, Holland and Spain. The new album can also be found on Spotify and all other platforms as well as CDBaby for download and psychical copies in record stores all over the world. CD is released by Waterslide/Target Earth label (Japan) and the vinyl LP is released by Screaming Apple label (Germany). Now go and listen!


   What a great week!!

  • November 2016

We did 2 shows last week. First off was the gig with our buddys SATOR in our hometown of Gothenburg. Then we went down to the south and did a show at Folk Å Rock in Malmö. 2 great shows and the crowd was more than great! Next up is a leave from Psychotic Yout as I will concentrate on Xmas shows as Red West & Hot Rhythm. Watch out!


   New album in the mix!!

  • October 2016

After last weekend playing at the Wurlitzer in Madrid/Spain with The Boys the band went back to work with the new upcoming album "The Voice of Summer". Now it's being mixed by the brilliant Christian Jacobsen (Yum Yums) in Moss/Norway and will hit the stores in January. Cd will be out on the Japanese label Waterslide and the vinyl on German label Scxreaming Apple.


   Rockin' 50s style!!

  • July 2016

Good show Friday at the anual Uddevallakalaset (stage managed by famous Jack Baymoore). Called in my buddy Anders Gustafsson on drums as Tommy is in Spain on vacation. Nice all-age crowd.


   Back on track!

  • June 2016

Expectations was high on Psychotic Youth as they entered the stage at Pustervik in their hometown of Gothenburg on May 19th. Old fans, new fans and old members lined up to perform songs from the 30 year old vault, including Kent Norberg from Sator doing lead vocals on his own song Good Times Are Gone which Psychotic recorde back in 1989. The show went great and the bar was raised.


   Good times!

  • May 2016

After 24 years we finally returned to Linköping, on the east side of Sweden. Great audience, both old fans and new faces, who had a good wipe out. Now we're looking forward to meet our Gothenburg fans on May 19th. Gonna be a blast!


   Japan tour was a succes

  • Jan 2016

5 shows in 5 days was the exhausting schedule, but our boys came through with honors. See photos in our Gallery section.


Red & Mary West with Hot Rhythm goes Christmas!
  • December 2016

A lifelong dream has come true as Red West released an original album with 16 Chrstmas tunes. Performed by himself and his wife and their back up band Hot Rhythm.

dummy New Japanese compilationalbum available!
  • Jan 2016

30 tracks that covers 30 years of legendary power-pop-surf-punk-garage from Scandinavias finest!

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