Red West & Hot Rhythm - Born To Bop


  • 19 May, 2016

After a tentative start with Red West & Hot Rhythm 2009, and the debut album of the same name, things started to fall into place in the spring of 2010 when the pianist returned to jazz (didn't fit in) and left was the saxophonist who only remained part of the band sporadically.

Still standing was the core: Tommy (drums), Roine (stand up bass) and Red (vocals / guitar). Added to the band was Thommy Borssén (piano) who also played piano on all The Buckshots albums. The band started out with second place in the competition Svensktoppen Nästa 2010. Now followed a hectic period with concerts on small and large stages, partly documented on the CD "Live at Be-Bop-A-Lula" and followed by a double CD "Go West"" where even Reds wife - Mary West, is now included. The double CD consisted of 36 favorite and abscure songs from the 50's where Mary sings 18 and Red 18. The first edition printed and sold out quickly. The hectic schedule requires its atribut the bassist Roine who have problems with heart autumn 2012 and the band was forced to stop.During a party at a friend's hits Red bassist Henry who says he is busy right now but will return in the fall and enters the stage with Red for the first time in February 2013, and stage performances resumed. New album recorded called "Good As Gold" and the like on the debut album consists of only original material. Previous bassist Roine is now included as a photographer and take all the pictures to the album cover and on stage.

At the same time get red a phone call from his old friend Morten in the Norwegian band Yum Yums and an offer to revive Psychotic Youth for a tour with American artist Kurt Baker is presented. Red that is flattered by the offer ask their old members but only the guitarist Ulf shows interest, so Red lack of drums and bass. So Red turns to his squire in Hot Rhythm with old bassist Roine (now a photographer) and drummer Tommy. The guys gladly accept as they grew up with Psychotic Youth's music, which is evident when the first rehearsal already know all the songs! Stage debut for the new edition of Psychotic Youth will premiere in April 2015 (that evening to honor also includes Gunnar Frick from the original edition 1986 on organ).

Red alternate with Hot Rhythm and Psychotic Youth in the winter of 2015 and end the winter with a Psychotic Youth Japan tour in February 2016, followed by a festival gig at Live'n'Jive with both Psychotic Youth and Red West & Hot Rhythm, something no other band done before. This is followed by a number of tours in Spain and Germany. In January 2017 their first album in 18 years is released and "The Voice of Summer" gets nice reviews all over. After co-tours with Kurt Baker Combo, Paul Collins, Duncan Reid, Yum Yums etc we're now at present day June 20th 2018 where the band has changed the line up to it's original setting as Anders Nordstrand (bass) and Kent Sjoholm (drums) is back! A new album is planned to be released in January 2019 whick will be called "21" as it is Jorgens 21st self penned album.

To be continued...

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